Supercharge your business growth

with our logical software solutions

Clients who trust our software solutions

We love developing software tools that are of great utility to our clients' customers. Our handcrafted utility softwares are supercharging the growth of these amazing clients.

Supercharge your business growth

with our solutions that are playing a great role in our clients' growing businesses

Data Centralization

Data centralization provides data safety, speed, convenience and is very cost effective

Custom software development

From pre-purchase inquiry management to post-purchase support management

Web Solutions

This is where we make sure that our clients' vision & story reach their customers resulting in stronger customer connect

Why Centralize Data?

Every growing business operation generates a large amount of data. Hence comes the challenge to orderly store and analyze the data for improved business strategies. Our centralized data storage and processing solutions ensure data security, faster performance, convenience and efficiency. Cost efficiency & informatics analysis are also crucial advantages of our centralized data solutions.

We understand the value of sensitive data and therefore our data centralization accesses are hierarchical, to ensure that users in your organization are accessing only that information which they have access to. Our cloud storage also ensures disaster recovery in case of an emergency.

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Data Analysis
Cost effective
Reliable data
Reduced redundancy

Why custom software?

Our handcrafted custom software solutions are developed for your exact business needs, no more no less. Along with reduced difficulty in implementation and better integration with your business operations, our software solutions allow increased level of productivity.

We develop software for ambitious startups as well as large international companies such as Pioneer & Simmons. Our portfolio holds more than 120 successfully completed projects and recurring maintenance. Our hard earned experience and expertise enables us to gather requirements and select optimal technical solutions with unrivaled speed and efficiency. This ensures a fast project launch reducing the bottlenecks and costs of your product development.

Our Web solutions

Our team of passionate coders ensure that we build a web masterpiece every time we work on our clients' projects. We adopt the latest web technology to ensure great user experience through intuitive design.

Mobile App Development

Apps are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction & 80% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps. So, why not allow your customers to engage with your products through your smartphone app!

Web & API development

Our intuitive web development approach allows our clients to effectively communicate product features with their web users. API development solution allows to connect your current web data with other online properties.

Web utility tool

Growing business demands better informative & support tools for your customers. Our smart patch approach allows us to integrate utility tools within your web architecture with effective cost and time.

Our most talked about solution

Product Registration & Warranty Management System

Benefits for your customers

Peace of mind
Ensure genuine product purchase & proof of ownership.

Quick & Easy
It takes a few minutes to register.

Access to helpful resources
Instant download user manuals, installation guides & other resources.

Easy troubleshooting
Access to firmwares updates, drivers to ensure your products are always up to date.

Easy to avail warranty
No need to carry purchase bill or warranty card.

Benefits for you

Big customer data
Collect & secure your customers' data.

Easy replacement NEW
In case of product replacement, assign new product to customer & create replacement history.

Easy recall
Easily contact with your customers in case of any recall.

Marketing communications
Share product updates, offers etc. with your customers.

User Verification
Phone & Email verification vial OTP

Assign offers
You customer gets offer codes once a registration is successful.

What our clients say

"We have been greatly impressed with NoranSoft's technical expertise. Centralizing all the scattered data have given us more control & better analytics."

"Very effective approach to get maximum effectiveness within our limited budgets!"

"Loved the innovative solution for our sales team collaboration issues."